compact and uniquely ergonomic dash layout
The 600C showcases a large cockpit

It’s a well known fact that catamarans have a larger internal volume compared to equivalent length mono-hulls – and Stryda is no exception! Our 600C Catamaran offers an unmatched, huge volume cockpit for a 6 metre craft.



Shark Shock mitigating suspension seat bases are a standard feature of the 600C. These seats provide unparalleled comfort while out on the water.

The 600C showcases a large cockpit


Their ability to absorb peak impact forces in rough conditions means that you can comfortably ride out unexpected turbulence in safety, making the most of your boating experience. Shark Seats have been laboratory tested and proven to reduce shock more effectively than European brands. Click here to see the report.

“The seat is able to absorb a significant amount of the impact every time you land… we’re looking at about 10 times the amount of time you can spend in the seat”

The technology behind Shark Shock works because of its ability to flex in 3 dimensions to provide protection against whiplash and port-starboard impact. Built with marine grade stainless steel, the shock absorbers are self adjusting so that people of different weights can use it without making changes to the configuration.

By using specialised Energy Absorbing Foam (EAF), Shark Seating offers the leading edge in boating comfort. It’s no wonder why Shark Seats are the preferred choice for America’s Cup chase boats and many naval marine craft.




The 600C Watchdog Monitoring System is fully self-diagnostic, with an LED indicator panel showing any fault and its location onboard the craft.


Identifying faults quickly helps to streamline the diagnostic process, which ultimately means less downtime and more time on the water!

The amphibious drive system is operated via a joystick control that determines both direction and speed. When the drive is fired up, the brakes are always on as a safety measure.

The drive system is built to last, with thorough engineering to exceed the boat’s specifications and handle significant added loads.

Switching comes via 12 carling actuators with LED backlights that make it easy to see and read at all light levels. Twin USB and DC outlet ports provide ample charging bays and power sources for a variety of devices.

The 12 inch multifunction screen displays GPS, sonar, engine and fuel management systems, video and even stereo control! The digital outboard gauges enable full display of all engine and fuel data via NMEA2000. There is a VHF radio conveniently located by the helm to make communication easy. For music lovers, the standard model comes with Fusion stereo entertainment which delivers AM/FM radio. Bluetooth capabilities are included with the option of upgrading to full marine speakers.




The 600C helm will not fail to impress. Our compact and uniquely ergonomic dash layout adds superior functionality both on land and in the water.


Stryda Catamarans carry a maximum beam of up to 90% of the length overall. This provides more shoulder room at the helm and even more room in the cabin, making for a far more comfortable boating experience.

Our self draining decks are a unique feature. We designed the Stryda 600C so that the deck is always elevated above the water level, which enables the deck to self-drain without intervention. Because the deck and all of the attached fittings are weatherproof, the deck water naturally drains out of the custom transom scuppers with no risk of water entering the bilge.

To ensure maximum driving safety and visibility, the 600C comes complete with a forward drive camera. The camera is displayed through the GPS unit and shows the position of the legs at all times.



Naval architect designed asymmetric catamaran hull that is rugged and lightweight
Naval architect designed asymmetric catamaran hull that is rugged and lightweight
Naval architect designed asymmetric catamaran hull that is rugged and lightweight

Naval architect designed A-symmetric catamaran hull. State of the Art Amphibious system that adopts aircraft engineering philosophy to create an amphibious system that is rugged and lightweight.




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